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BBQ Style Catering

Livonia Bakery and Café

BBQ Style Catering


BBQ catering service is a seasonal offering, May – September.
A 150 person minimum is required.
Delivery only.
For photos, visit our website (Gallery)

Catered parties require the rental and use of our 24”x 60” professional propane grill – $150. Our service
includes the necessary workers that will setup the grill station along with the food buffet.
The workers grill the food and maintain the buffet area for the duration of your event.
* Additional service available upon request (at an hourly rate).

* Any of the below combinations can be altered to your liking. Price may change accordingly.
Refer to our catering menu for our delicious side dishes and tossed salads that will complete your BBQ buffet.

1/4 lb. Pub Burgers & Hot Dogs
$9.95 pp

Juicy Angus steak burgers and skinless franks by Dearborn Sausage Co.
Complimented with a variety of sliced cheese and fresh garnishes on buffet: leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced dill pickles, red onion, hot dog relish, variety mustards & ketchup, and maybe a few surprises !

Chicken Breast, Pub Burgers & Hot Dogs
$11.95 pp

Chicken breast (marinated or brushed with bbq sauce) and sandwich buns are provided on buffet.
Rest is same as above.
Upgrade hot dogs to Italian Sausage or Smoked Polish Kielbasa, add $1.00 pp

Grilled Kabobs
6 in. skewers - Beef, Chicken & Vegetable

6 in. skewers – Beef, Chicken & Vegetable

Marinated Chicken
$9.95 pp/ea
Marinated Beef
$11.95 pp/ea
Marinated Vegetable
$8.95 pp/ea

$150 – 4 hour service.
A party worker is an employee of Livonia Bakery and Café, but is contracted by you the customer to work at
your event. This worker will arrive with the food delivery. They will be properly dressed for the occasion and
will be ready to take on most of the labor associated with working your event. Responsibilities include
maintaining the food display and beverage station. Also assisting your guests as needed, keeping tables clean
of garbage and changing garbage bags when needed. As your event is winding down, this worker will
package leftover food and tidy up the event area.

We have a complete store with pop, water, beer and wine. If you would like us to be your “one stop shop”, we can do it !
You can see examples of our beverage service/setup. Visit our web site (Gallery).